IPEPA Stakeholder Engagement

“As Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, many of us believe we are born from the earth to walk the earth, and when the time comes, your Spirit returns to the earth. How you return to the earth, and the peace your loved ones experience during that time are all important parts of our culture and grief journey.”

Front cover of IPEPA Stakeholder Engagement Kit

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In 2019, IPEPA undertook a national consultation to meet with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders, health professionals and community members to listen to their knowledge and  understanding of palliative care. Elders and community members in each jurisdiction, both urban and rural, contributed to this important conversation and IPEPA was born.

The IPEPA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stakeholder Engagement Kit 2020-2023 has been prepared in three parts:
PART A: Context and background of IPEPA.
PART B: The strategic plan and operating outcomes / deliverables of IPEPA.
PART C: How to get involved with IPEPA to book training or reach out to key contacts for further information.