Outcomes & Research

Over 5,500 health professionals have undertaken a PEPA placement since the program began in 2003.  This includes over 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health care providers (9%).

Ongoing evaluation of PEPA/IPEPA continues to show that the program is having a positive and sustainable impact on the confidence and skills of health professionals in the delivery of a palliative approach to care, and the strengthening of networks and linkages between generalist and specialist palliative care providers.  

There is evidence that placement participants implement a range of strategies to disseminate new knowledge at the local level, and improve delivery of care following participation in the program. See the Community of Practice page for details of initiatives achieved by PEPA/IPEPA participants.



The following publications also evidence PEPA outcomes:

  • Connell, S., Yates, P. and Barrett, L. Understanding the optimal learning environment in palliative care. Nurse Education Today (2010), DOI: 10.1016/j.nedt.2010.08.012. Available: www.nurseeducationtoday.com.