Central Adelaide Palliative Service

Central Adelaide Palliative Service is a metropolitan specialist palliative care service located in the centre of Adelaide, South Australia. We provide a consultative service seeing in excess of 1300 new clients a year in both hospital and community settings. We have been a PEPA host site since 2004. During this time we have hosted a total of 46 participants including six Aboriginal Health Workers/Aboriginal Liaison Officers/Aboriginal Aged Care Workers involved in the IPEPA Program.

Based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital we have been able to offer placements with our specialist service for participants to observe our in-patient liaison and community outreach roles. We have been thrilled as a service to teach the fundamental philosophies of palliative care and the palliative approach to our rural colleagues who come from a different regions of our state. These include Adelaide, Yalata, Murray Bridge, and most recently Ernabella to name a few.

Participants come with different knowledge and skill sets including aged care workers, Aboriginal health workers and enrolled nurses, and are all eager to learn about palliative care. This program has also provided a learning experience for our service too, as we have gained greater insight into the needs of Indigenous Australians to ensure the best end-of-life care available for all in a culturally appropriate context. As a consequence of the program we have strengthened our partnerships with rural colleagues who all have similar attitudes and responsibilities in the delivery of end-of-life care. We are happy to provide ongoing mentorship to our PEPA participants.

We look forward to supporting the PEPA program in the future and hope that other services take the opportunity to host our rural partners as this experience provides learning and building of partnerships for both parties. We look forward to hosting as many more health care workers as we are able in the months ahead.

Karen Jacquier
Clinical Service Coordinator
Central Adelaide Palliative Service
Royal Adelaide Hospital
South Australia.

For more information, please visit https://sacommunity.org/org/201827-Central_Adelaide_Palliative_Care_Service