Clare Holland House: ACT Specialist Palliative Care Services

Clare Holland House (ACT Specialist Palliative Care Services) provides specialist palliative care to patients with life-limiting illness through a multidisciplinary approach.

When people spend time in the inpatient unit, they will receive patient centred care and support for their families and friends. Not everyone that spends time in the unit will die here, some will return home to die with the support of the Home Based Team or go on to spend their final time in an Aged Care facility where our NPs/Advanced Practice RNs (PEACE Team) may assist if required.

The multidisciplinary team works hard to meet family and patient needs and address symptoms across all domains of care. We do not have acute resuscitation facilities and this should be discussed with patients prior to admission.  Families and patients are encouraged to ring and arrange a tour of the facility prior to admission.

We are a public facility and provide Specialist Palliative care throughout the ACT.

There are 8 arms of the service including:

  • Palliative care consultancy to hospitals- Specialist/Registrar and CNC
  • Clare Holland House is the site for the 27 bed Inpatient unit,
  • Community specialist palliative care service (CSPCS), including:
    • Specialist Outpatient Clinics
    • PEACE team (NPs and advanced practice RNs supporting residents living in residential aged care settings)
    • Home based palliative care  (HBPC)

All arms of the service are multidisciplinary and include care from our Allied Health Team

  • Pastoral Care who support  Grief and Bereavement support:
  • Psychosocial team providing social work and bereavement care and support
  • Pharmacy support from Northside Canberra Hospital
  • Speech and Dietician support from Northside Canberra Hospital.
  • As well as an extensive Medical team.

​Your PEPA Placement will be spread across the disciplines and arms of the service to support your learning needs. We will work to build your confidence in networking with palliative care services across the ACT and the skills to take your palliative and end of life skills back to your workplace.