It is NAIDOC Week 3-10th July 2022. NAIDOC Week celebrates and recognises the history, achievements and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and is an opportunity for Australians to learn more about the culture and history of the oldest, continuous culture on earth. More information on NAIDOC week and local activities can be found here : NAIDOC Week | NAIDOC

The IPEPA team are excited to announce the release of their new innovative animation project. The video series draw on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural strengths and perspectives to educate and entertain communities and health professionals about palliative care themes in a grass-roots way. This project was designed by past IPEPA lead, Nicole Hewlett alongside other members of the indigenous community. The series, features the voice and animated version of the multi-talented comedian Sean Choolburra, who is an avid communicator of positive messages for indigenous health.

The project includes five short videos as Sean embarks on a journey of understanding palliative care and explores different aspects of what happens when we are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. You can access the playlist on our IPEPA YouTube channel to watch all the videos.

Although all the stories have the same objective, to bring out into the open the subject of death, dying and palliative care, each is unique and discusses a different aspect of what happens when people ‘walkabout to the other side’. Topics such as managing pain, hospitalisation, trajectories of incurable illness and how we feel when someone close to us is sick or dies, are some of the subjects we explore in this unique (and often funny) series of educational films designed specifically for our deadly mob.

For more information about the IPEPA project, please visit the PEPA website:

IPEPA video screen shot

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