AJ is an Aboriginal woman who works as a Personal Care Worker in aged care in remote western Queensland. She undertook a split placement spending time with two host sites.

Palliative care is very valuable, we only get one chance to get it right. Whether people choose to die at home or in a hospital or RACF the emphasis is on providing good quality end of life care and having the knowledge and confidence to carry it out effectively.  These placements provided me with a greater insight into all aspects of palliative care in different settings and social situations, the care of the client, the family and the carers.  I was very much out of my zone in Brisbane however the support I received the entire time of my placement from the PEPA team and in particular the PEPA Indigenous Project Officer Darryl was invaluable.  I was welcomed to Karuna with genuine warmth and was on the road with RNs doing home visits. I was encouraged to ask questions and I sat in on case conferencing learning the benefits and positive outcomes of this as a way for the multidisciplinary team to touch base and problem solve.  I feel privileged to have been placed with Kris the Nurse Practitioner at Metro South. She was more than happy to share with me what she knows and ignited in me the desire to learn. With her I visited aged care facilities and (learned more) about family conferences. I strongly recommend PEPA for managers, nurses AINs/PCAs as it provides professional skill development on all levels.

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