Alisdair McGrouther – Workplace Activity Outcome

Alisdair attended placement and returned to his workplace with  resources and information to assist his colleagues to offer a higher provision of Palliative Care for all patients in their service.  The information that Alisdair provided was in electronic with links to brochures and documents to support provision of care.

Alisdair was also focused on improving network links with Specialist Palliative Care teams within his service areas.  Three of Alasdair’s colleagues believe that they new information that Alisdair has brought into the clinic has allowed them to better manage the Palliative patients they have at the clinic and to further provide appropriate and timely referrals.  With the team they have decided to include a weekly case review of palliative patients as part of their practice meetings to ensure all GPs know each others patients.

Alisdair is also looking forward to his involvement with the Wide Bay Palliative Care Interagency Steering Committee that he is involved with the Fraser Coast Hospice as it opens later in 2021.

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