Anglicare Southern Queensland ABRI Residential Care

We have decided that our project will be compiling a booklet for family members who are visiting family for EOL journey.
The booklet will contain information about some of the EOL signs and the different terms used to describe the changes that are happening.

Examples of some of the information of EOL signs will include :
– Changes in breathing patterns, with breathing sometimes becoming noisy and irregular. What chain stoking means. Also, gurgling sounds due to build up of fluids in the lungs.
– Less interest in food and drinks;
– Drop in body temperature;
– Skin discolouration, (more blue, grey or white);
– Incontinence problems;
– Be disorientated; Have hallucinations; Become restless;
– Mouth problems, dryness, etc.
– Pain and pain management. Also the use of medication

Click on these links to see some examples: Example 1 I Example 2

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