Benjamin Sinclair – Placement Outcome

Benjamin completed his 3 days of placement so as he could understand more about palliative care considerations for children and families who are in an Emergency Department (ED) environment.  Benjamin notes that “in the ED palliative care skills are rarely applied however I feel that improved/increased awareness would be valuable to link patients to”.

For his placement project outcome Benjamin created an education session which he presented to the ED team about communication in palliative care – how to have communication with the patients and families and how “Palliative care can be integrated with ongoing efforts to cure or modify disease”.  Benjamin repeated his education session over many sessions so as to impact as many of the 24/7 shift workers that work in the ED as he believe this will improved the conversations about palliative care between staff, patients and families.  Benjamin evaluated his intervention with a feedback questionnaire from staff to see if they self reported more understating of palliative care conversations in the ED.

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