Beverley Stutchbury – Mercy Place Warrnambool

I created a template that can show anyone who enters the resident’s room ‘what’s important’ to them. The template can be placed in their room so all staff & visitors can clearly see what is important to them when they are Palliative & EOL. Staff will visit the resident and have an informal conversation to find out what they would like on their plan that will be displayed in their room. Things like what music they like to listen too, what topics of conversation they enjoy etc. This template will give all staff the opportunity to visually see what is important to the resident. Two residents were asked if they would like to be part of the trial, and both agreed. The conversation was respectful, and the cue conversation cards helped at times that they needed some prompting. One went really well the other needed more prompting.

I showed the residents the final poster I had made and they loved the idea around it and liked the background pictures. I showed some of the staff what I had created, and they agreed that having an overview of what the resident’s wishes are will assist them and their families to ensure that the resident is not only comfortable, but their personal interests & wishes are also being respected right to the end.

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