Claudette & Anniemarie – Trott Park

At Trott Park Residential Aged Care (SA), reverse PEPA Aged Care participants, Claudette and Annemarie have come up with a number of initiatives to improve gaps in care that have been identified through their ELDAC audits.

Claudette’s Activities:

  • Goals: learn anything new in palliative care, learn about cultural and spiritual influences and how to approach in conversation and learn more about grief and bereavement. Then use this to to improve gaps which have been identified already in our ELDAC audits.
  • Key learning: illness trajectories, importance of using the SPICT tool when identifying residents and changed health status to use this tool to start ACP conversations . Use of 2 lines one for SD one for BT medications.
  • Which new skills will you use: referral form to SACS, use of 2 lines, remember silence is a key part of conversations, documentation on cultural and spiritual needs, diagnosis and prognosis, follow up bereavement for family
  • Planned activity: tool box talk re new skills learnt and supporting lead PCWs.

Annemarie’s Activities:

  • Train up other PCW in Dermalux Baths
  • Personalise the palliative care trolley
  • Talking with staff about palliative care
  • Trying to make some wishes come true for our residents
  • Making sure residents dignity and respect are always maintained at all times like they deserve
  • Have applied for a PEPA placement with PEPA SA.

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