Dr Matt Kelly – Placement Outcome

Dr Matt Kelly recently attended a PEPA placement  as he wanted in increase his “familiarity with end of life medications in the hospital setting” as well as develop more ways of communicating with patients and families around palliative approach to care and end of life care issues.  During his placement experience he was able to see multiple patients and discus their care and management with the patient and the specialists teams.  From this placement he was able to improve networking links with the local palliative care services.

When he returns to his workplace his goal is to update the palliative care resource folders for doctors in Derby as this material is found on the general ward and has palliative care contacts for the Kimberley and statewide teams.  This resource folder will also contain up to date forms to use for referral and guides for medications, administering devices and care directives.  This will support team members to feel more confident with palliative care processes for patient and families in Derby.

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