Emily Nielsen – Placement Reflection

Emily enjoyed her placement and was “grateful to see a hospice ward as I have never been to one”.  Emily took time to see how the hospice, hospital and community care all intersect for patient care.  She notes there are difference however she had never appreciated how they all compliment each other and this has added to her understanding for her patient care in the future.  Emily was focused on her goals for placement which were driven towards a palliative approach to care for patients and family – how to improve her knowledge and confidence in this point was important.  Emily notes that she likes to communicate and negotiate with patient and families so appropriate outcomes for the patients are made as a community nurse this is very important to Emily.

Emily also commented on the learning she achieved during placement as a doctor took time to educate on pain and how pain receptors work.  This had impact on Emily understanidng of what analgesia may work better than another when patients report pain.  Emily is looking forward to returning to her community work to share her knowledge with colleagues and seeing how this new knowledge will change/support her patient care.

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