Georgia Wallis – Placement Outcome

Georgia works in Aged care and attended a PEPA placements with the goal to organise palliative care education for the staff in the Catholic Home facilities that she works within.  Georgia wanted to ensure the education activity would provide detailed information about palliative care while debunking the myths that she had heard about palliative care.

During her placement the PEPA mentors encouraged her to learn more about the many palliative care education resources that are available for all of health workforce education.  This information informed and supported Georgia’s education session.  The site to first receive the education was St Vincent’s and Guildford and to enhance the learning experience she will involve the clinical nurses who work in that space to share some of their stories and experiences in palliative care.

To ensure the education was a success Georgia was going to evaluate the session and ask staff if they feel their knowledge and confidence for palliative care delivery was enhanced after the session.

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