Jenna Rizzoli – Placement Outcome Report

The following is a direct copy of Jenna’s outcome report she submitted to PEPA QLD from her placement.

Objective: To implement a guideline to provide symptomatic relief for palliative care patients in a rural and remote setting.

Background information: In rural and remote settings in Australia, there is limited access to specialised palliative care services.(1,2) Clinical variations of practice can result in undesirable effects and unwanted patient health outcomes.(3) At a local level, multiple rotating medical officers along with reduced medication resources result in clinical variations of practice, subsequently ending with suboptimal end of life care. The standardisation of variations in practice aims to improve medication usage and processes in healthcare.(3) Pharmacists have a vital role to improve the overall management of medications and improve patient centred care in the palliative care setting.(4)

Description of Implementation: Present and implement a guideline tool for use at the local rural hospital. This guideline will highlight the importance of 1st, 2nd and 3rd line agents in the clinical realm of palliative care. Aim is to reduce variation of practice, standardise medications practice and increase medication safety. Participants include the hospital medical team. After the presentation, the guideline was placed in the nurses’ station to aid prescribing for palliative patients.

Evaluation: Impact of presentation and guideline tool measured by utilising a before and after questionnaire.

Reflection of project: Higher than expected positive response. Results concluded participants increased their confidence, knowledge and ability after the presentation, with 87.5% of participants reporting they intend to use the guideline tool often. A wider focus is to implement this at other rural hospitals.

Review Jenna’s presentations by clicking the images below. Great work Jenna!


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