Joanne Muskett – Workplace Activity Outcome

Joanne recently completed a placement and on return to her workplace she set about creating a in-service to educate staff on how to set up and manage syringe drivers for patients in their care.  The session included information on:-

  • commencing a syringe driver
  • the sticker requirements for information to be completed
  • line changes and,
  • Bodyguard use.

The Education was delivered to a team of five colleagues within the community care team and unit.  It was a hands on physical learning session where staff were all given the material to set up and work on to follow the procedure step by step.  Documentation and family education was also included at the end of the session so as staff will have more knowledge and confidence to have better conversations with families about syringe drivers.

At the end of the session staff were able to ask more questions and practice with more of the equipment so as to improve their confidence.  This session was seen as very valuable to the team and it will be repeated to ensure staff who were not there on the day will be able to participate in the learning.  In the future Joanne is hoping that this session will be key for all new staff to attend learning on when they start with the service.

Great work Joanne.

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