Kath Hampel – Placement Reflection

I would like to convey my sincere thanks for all the support I have received during my placement week from Tara and the teams at the Northern Area Palliative Care Services. I have really enjoyed learning about your service, and the skills and knowledge your team adds to it.

I would also like to acknowledge all of the people and their families, who are referred to your service and who were willing to share their stories and experiences with me. I am very appreciative and humbled by their generosity.

Some other highlights for me…

  • The open euthanasia conversation shared in the round table forum and the thoughts and considerations around the voluntary assisted dying act
  • The opportunity and absolute privilege to meet clients in the community to hear about their problems and observe the Consultants and Clinical Nurses who support them in their symptom management.
  • The ward rounds with the inpatients at the LMHS with Dr Hans and Val who generously shared their roles and philosophies in palliative care along with the approach to very distressed patients and families and the reassuring manner you offered.
  • To Dr Mil and the staff at the Modbury Palliative Care Unit, who included me in the team and the discussions and shared with me the strategies to engage in difficult conversations.
  • To Cathie who shared the ‘Brilliance in evidenced based palliative Care’ project, her enthusiasm and energy was inspirational…All the very best Cathie.
  • To Dr Holden for sharing some of his resources with me and for shouting me lunch…thanks David.
  • To Tara for coordinating such a wonderful experience…

It is my plan to take the learning’s from my experience and share this with the Renal Supportive Care Project , link into the palliative care services in Gawler and share my experience with renal unit I work in at Gawler.

Thanks again…

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