Kaylee Brown – Placement Reflection

Kaylee’s goals for placement were to learn more about drug administration and palliative care communication.  During the placement experience Kaylee realised that drug administration never changes however the knowledge of why you give different medications in a complimentary way became very important to understand.

Communication and especially listening  was different in this placement experience as well.  Observing how the clinicians were really clear with the patents and responding clearly to patients communication was done so well.  As a result of the placement Kaylee discovered her key learning and new skills were focused on the following points:-

  • Communication – with the patient, family/carer and multi-disciplinary team (MDT)
  • Collaboration with the MDT – discussions, support and advice
  • Assessment of patients and End of Life – symptom management, phase of illness and end of life transition
  • Management of patient care – putting everything together to make things happen, to implement appropriate care.

Kaylee will take all of this learning back to her workplace for application.

Kaylee created a resource folder which focuses on palliative care – has materials to educate about “What is Palliative care” and materials that will support patients and families to know more about palliative care.

Kaylee has built this resource and shared this with the team in her workplace so that they to can learn more and support patients and families in the workplace.

Great work Kaylee!!!

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