Liz Chalmers – Robina Hospital

I brought several  “Caring@Home package for Carers” back to our office.  I provided education to my colleagues on the use of these kits, who are now starting to implement use of them with client carers, who are deemed appropriate to use them.

I have implemented a ‘framework’ or guideline for our nurses to go by when phoning community palliative care, whilst they are with a client and they are needing guidance/medical intervention.

I have completed a PowerPoint presentation – Palliative Pearls of Wisdom – to be presented to my colleagues, which provides some more in-depth discussion around nausea and vomiting in palliative care.  The second half of the Powerpoint is some really practical/helpful snippets of information for a deeper understanding of our role, to insight a powerful group discussion/brainstorming session.

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