Neelam Medtiya- Placement Reflection

Neelam completed her placement with the goals focused on:

  • Learning how to apply different types of assessment tools like PCOC and SPICT and knowledge of their evaluations outcomes in different settings where they have been implemented.
  • Detailed information of  signs and symptoms seen in palliation /end of life care and their management.
  • Understanding of how to request palliative care specialist care services to support different settings, and how those specialist care services do support family and develop Advanced Health Care Directives/Advanced Care Plans (AHCD/ACP).

Neelam worked hard through her placement and found many resources to support more of her learning and also collected many of these resource links form her mentors to take back to her Aged Care facility to support colleagues learning.  Neelam also enjoyed observing how the specialist palliative care staff had conversations with patients and families to complete AHCD and ACPs and gained confidence from watch them role model the skills she wants for herself.

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