Nicola Long – Placement Reflection

Nicola Long attended a PEPA placement so as to improve her knowledge of palliative care and be able to understand the difference between palliative care and end of life care delivery for residents in her care at Yallambee Hostel.  Nicola also wanted to improve her knowledge and understanding of medication administration in both these phase of care as well.

Nicola stated that many of the residents she cares for are palliative or end 0f life care and she wanted to be able to explain that to the residents and their families more clearly so that they are better informed about when changes in residents health happens.  She wanted to have more confidence in discussing care with families.

Nicola enjoyed her learning on placement and was taking her new learning back to the hostel to pass on to other colleagues to support their confidence also.  She was going to run education sessions and do mini quiz’s with other staff to support their learning as well.

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