Nidhi Joshi – VIC

I am a registered nurse in Yea hospital. Our community needs are more aged care and palliative.

I had palliative care education before in my previous facility, but not as good as PEPA gave it to us.  Before, I only knew what palliative care was – like basic things, but since I have done the PEPA course , I’m more confident and know things in depth.

Recently, one of our resident started on a palliative pathway. I was involved in the pathway, assessed patient symptoms and requested Dr. to chart palliative medication. Now I know when the patient is deteriorating and how to provide palliative care during the end stage of life. Through PEPA course, the educator explained about palliative medication and their actions which really helped me to understand how it works in the body. I’m so glad I was part of PEPA education because if your working in aged care its very important to know about the palliative care.

Another important thing I learned after PEPA was how to give psychological support to the family. I think most of the nurses always get anxious about how to support family and give them psychological support.

I don’t think so I have any doubt and anxiousness now when providing palliative care.

I highly recommend everyone to do palliative care through PEPA if you get a chance – its a really good course.

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