Sheelagh Celenza – Placement Outcome

Sheelagh works in Aged Care and attended a PEPA Placement to learn more about communication, medications and education in palliative care .  Sheelagh believes that it is the little things that may have a bigger impact when caring for residents who are palliative in their care.

Sheelagh states that she learned so much on her placement as she was exposed to so many resources that she knows could benefit the residents and families in care at her facility.  Sheelagh created a Palliative Care brochure that was written specifically to support residents at her facility – to explain what Palliative Care is and why they do Palliative Care at Bethanie.  The managers and leaders at the facility reviewed the brochure for consideration and Sheelagh acknowledges she will evaluate its effectiveness with patients and families once its in circulation to measure its effect in supporting understanding of what Palliative Care is.

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