Tracey Stanley

I commenced my PEPA placement on the 19th July 2011. My first two days were spent at St John of God Murdoch Community Hospice. All the staff were very friendly and welcoming. I worked with the same Registered Nurse over my two days and saw lots of aspects of Palliative Care. It was very interesting and I learnt so much during my placement at the hospice.

My next day was spent at Silver Chain with a Murdoch based Registered Nurse. Here I got to experience how Palliative Care is applied in the community and the support available in Perth.

My last day was spent at Royal Perth Hospital where they have a Palliative Care Team that visits patients on the wards. I joined the Medical staff on their rounds and found it very interesting. In the afternoon I joined the nurses for an in-service lecture on “end of life issues with renal failure patients”.

In conclusion I thoroughly enjoyed my PEPA placement. I gained a lot of knowledge from it and I would encourage other people interested to apply for the program. And can I say that due to my positive experience at St John of God Murdoch Hospice, I am now employed there as a Hospice Registered Nurse and I love it!

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