Who is a PEPA Mentor?

A person working in palliative care who is motivated to share their knowledge of palliative care service delivery to generalist health care workforce.  A PEPA Mentor is a life-long learner who is motivated, curious and a supportive health care mentor who aims to support best practice palliative care health outcomes for all Australians.

A PEPA Mentor Model


Benefits of being a PEPA Mentor

  • A member of a network of palliative care mentors
  • Capability to develop mentoring skills
  • Develop individual educational skills
  • Increases personal and professional satisfaction
  • Promotes self confidence
  • Developed leadership skills
  • Enhanced management skills and communication skills

In addition to this PEPA will support you annually by sending you a certificate template for you to record your mentoring learning (inclusive of hub sessions, workshops and reflections) as well your hours of actual mentoring which you can add to your professional development portfolio.

Every Month PEPA hosts a one hour PEPA mentoring hub event which you will be exclusively invited to attend.

To register as a PEPA mentor will be automatic when you attend a PEPA workshop event however if you have not been able to attend a workshop yet please register your interest as a PEPA mentor using the button below.