This innovative Indigenous Palliative Care comic deals with quality of life issues for people who are in the process of dying in the midst of family who are not all in agreement about what should be done.  It was released in June 2012.

Message to the Patient and Family

  • Palliative Care Services work to improve the quality of life of their patients.  They can help you with the relief of pain and other symptoms that may be a part of your condition;
  • Palliative Care Services will help you to remain in your community, if this is what you wish;
  • Palliative Care Services will provide education for families, carers and community members on how to care for people who are dying;
  • Palliative Care Services will work with your local health care provider to help your loved one be as comfortable and active as possible.

Message to the Health Care Worker

The aim of this comic is to:

  • Demonstrate that dying is a normal part of life;
  • Portray people who are dying, their carers and families in a positive manner;
  • Show that there are a number of key decisions to be made to preserve the quality of a person’s end of life care;
  • Clearly show the benefits of Advance Care Planning to improve the quality of end of life care for people;
  • Increase conversations in Indigenous communities about Palliative Care and everyone’s right to quality end of life care;
  • Provide some practical hints to Aboriginal carers about ways to manage the end of life process for people under their care.

This resource was developed for Boab Health Services by Inception Strategies.  It was funded by the Australian General Practice Network through the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, as part of the Rural Palliative Care Project 2008-2011.  It has been used with permission of Boab Health Services and Inception Strategies.