A national PEPA Mentoring Guide has been developed to provide our mentors with an overview of PEPA and guidelines for mentoring before, during and after a PEPA placement. The mentoring guide is divided into four sections:
  • Section A provides a brief overview of mentoring
  • Section B outlines what is expected of a PEPA mentor
  • Section C introduces the PEPA Learning Guide and provides suggestions for how mentors can support the participant’s work through the learning guide and optimise the learning opportunities provided by the placement
  • Section D Introduces cultural safety and cultural responsive mentoring which must be considered when working with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander PEPA Participants.

All host sites support PEPA participants in a culturally responsive and culturally safe mentoring process.  PEPA mentors have completed either one or all of the PEPA mentoring learning opportunities which are;

The goal of PEPA mentors is to share palliative care knowledge with PEPA participants.  This sharing of knowledge supports the participants to take back to their work environment for integration into providing care for patients in their care.  Culturally safe, Culturally responsive mentoring is part of this process.