Reverse PEPA Placements

Reverse PEPA placements entail a specialist palliative care staff member travelling to the applicant’s place of employment to facilitate learning.
Reverse PEPA placements are negotiated with the PEPA Manager, and may be appropriate where the goal is to improve practice through tailored workplace-specific support.
This may include in-service training for multiple staff members.
Reverse PEPA placements may be relevant within:
  • Rural and remote settings;
  • Private practice settings where general practitioner backfill of staff is limited;
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community settings;
  • Residential aged care settings.

Read the Reverse PEPA  Information Guide for Participants to learn more.

If you decide to participate a Reverse PEPA placement the PEPA manager will complete a learning needs analysis to establish how to best support your terms learning.  Review the learning needs analysis document here.
You will need to complete an application form for each team member who you choose to participate in the Reverse PEPA placement. To access an Application form for a REVERSE PEPA Placement contact you local PEPA Manager here.

As part of your application process you will be asked to set some learning objectives for your placement.  The REVERSE Placement Guide includes a Pre Placement Learning Plan for your completion and return to the PEPA Manager.   (Click here for a pdf version of the REVERSE PEPA Pre Placement Learning Plan)

Once you have the team signed up for Reverse PEPA placement you can guide the team to complete the Reverse PEPA Placement Guide which will support your team to understand what is expected of them.  Click this link to the Reverse PEPA Placement Guide.
Post Placement outcomes are part of the PEPA Placement learning for your organisation.  You will need to complete these forms to support your learning post your Reverse PEPA placement.
  1. Placement completion form 
  2. Reflection of Learning 
  3. Workplace Activity Report – Completion form 3.  (Click on the title of each document to download the form)
    These forms are also included in your Reverse PEPA Placement Guide.