Charlotte is a Registered Nurse who has worked in Specialist Community Palliative Care in both the Kimberley Region of Western Australia and Bendigo, Victoria. Her palliative care nursing journey started through a PEPA placement at Royal Perth Hospital in 2013, which inspired her to complete her Masters in Clinical Nursing – Palliative Care Specialism. She was a finalist in the 2017 WA Nursing & Midwifery Excellence Awards for recognition of her palliative care work supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who lived in the Kimberley. She has had a varied career spanning thirty years often working with hard to reach and underserviced groups of the population here, the UK and Timor Leste. She sees her role as a privilege and honours the communities that welcome her to work and live in such diverse places of the World. She is passionate about equality and equity for all and enjoys breaking down barriers that can occur in healthcare.

Charlotte is thrilled to be part of the PEPA Aged Team and hopes she can inspire the participants to meet their aspirations and goals towards excellence in palliative care for the aged through a personalised onsite education and mentorship.