Fiona started her career as a hospital trained nurse at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne in the late 1980s.  Her career since that time has been varied but one theme is consistent throughout is palliative care.  The roles and settings of care have included:

Palliative Care Support Nurse – RDNS, Regional Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Consultant – RDNS, Manager Palliative Care Outpatients Clinic, Project Officer – palliative care in Ambulatory care (HARP & RIR), Nurse Practitioner Palliative Care Hospital Admission Risk Program.

In the last ten years of her career Fiona has been combining a passion for clinical palliative care and education as a sessional educator more recently with the Centre for Palliative Care in Melbourne.

Fiona values lifelong learning and along the way has collected a Master of Advanced Nursing Practice Palliative Care and a Certificate IV 40116.   Fiona has had the opportunity to publish two journal articles in the International Journal of Palliative Care Nursing and hopes that she will have time now her family is older to publish again.

In 2020 Fiona joined the team at PEPA Victoria just in time for a pandemic as a project officer working as part of the team in Victoria delivering and facilitating palliative care workshops and placements across the state.  Fiona has now moved across from the PEPA Vic. team to PEPA Aged care as an educator as she is passionate about care for older people at the end of their lives, wherever they choose to live and die.