Lorenz is an Aboriginal man born in Noongar country but grew up in Yamatji (Geraldton mid- West) country.  He has worked in the NT with the Federal Government for many years as a CDEP project officer working with remote Aboriginal communities.

Lorenz left the Federal service in 2000 and worked with NGOs until 2017 when he decided to study in 2018 and completed 2 courses in Allied Health care and graduated in 2019.

Lorenz has had a link to Palliative Care since 2009 when he supported an Aboriginal elder from Wadeye who came to Palliative Care. “He was my mentor when I was the remote area coordinator for counselling services at Wadeye.  Since then I have supported dear friends and their families who have come through Palliative Care”.

Lorenz was supporting a friend in 2018 when he was offered a placement with PEPA at Darwin Hospice which led to his employment in the PEPA program.