Sheryl has in excess of 45 years experience in nursing, originating from her nurse apprenticeship at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in the 70s. Various roles across many disciplines in nursing followed, such as ICU, CCU, ED and clinical teaching until she went into a formal education role being the Staff Development Co-ordinator at a large metropolitan hospital late in the 80s. Sheryl has continued in education roles since, whether this is in a hospital service, an RTO or teaching under and post graduates in health at tertiary institutions.  Sheryl has also kept up her clinical skills, and during COVID utilized her Nurse Immunizer Certificate in  high volume vaccination centres and Residential Aged Care Facilities to assist the community in gaining immunity and better health outcomes.

However, education is Sheryl’s passion, as she feels knowledge empowers you to  turn your mind in a critical way in which you can help yourself and others. Sheryl believes learning is a life long experience, and has walked the talk as a mature student gaining a Master in Education, followed by a Law degree. Sheryl hopes her experience over the years will help her guide PEPA participants in the transition of knowledge and skill in the program experience in palliative approach. We all deserve a good life, so lets make it good as we can and let education make us not fearful of death.