Jodie Tassell – Placement Reflection and Outcome

Jodie completed her placement as her workplace was developing a proposal for their own Advanced Care Plan (ACP) clinic to target the older adult cohort it services. Jodie believes that her PEPA placement will continue to inform and support the clinic planning and development well beyond her final day.
Jodie planned to provide an education PowerPoint/ Workshop to staff within D4 (multi-disciplinary) outlining ACP and the various components; the guiding principles of ACP; review the legislation policy and procedures supporting ACP; consider how D4 moves forward in improving the patient experience with ACP.

The flow of the session delivered will be:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
    Resource provision
    Links to further education and training.

The session was delivered within the D4Rehabilitation Centre, seminar room and was open to all staff, ACAT and CHOICE staff.  The session went over time as the PowerPoint promoted a lot of discussion around ACP and what colleagues could do to become more comfortable in addressing the components with the ultimate aim of supporting and advocating for our patients to improve patient care and outcomes.

The knowledge and resources shared will give colleagues the confidence to approach ACP early and offer support surrounding future care planning. This will then provide patients with greater choice, literacy surrounding advance care planning and knowledge of what supports and services are available to them. The session offered practical links in regards to what is incorporated in ACP and resources that they can provide patients.

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