PEPA Aged Care

PEPA has additional funding from the Department of Health and Aged Care to support increased education for palliative care in Aged Care through Reverse PEPA Placements.

A team of specialist palliative care and aged care educators have been added to the PEPA team to provide education and training in aged care services where needed.

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About PEPA Aged Care

PEPA Aged care will meet the needs of the Improving Palliative Care Training and Outcomes in Aged Care by:

  • Enhancing training for the aged care workforce to improve the quality of, and timely access to, palliative care for older Australians
  • Support development of organisational capabilities to deliver quality palliative care
  • Support the aged care workforce to deliver quality palliative and end-of-life care
  • Embed quality palliative aged care across aged care settings
  • Establish, maintain and strengthen linkages across the primary care, aged care and palliative care sectors.

The PEPA Aged Care Education team will go to the facility or workplace to work with the aged care team to deliver education and training with a specialised education plan that they have created for that specific team.